Hi, my name is Matt Sulker.

I’ve been a home brewer for over 8 years and started making cider simply because I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Cider is a beverage that’s rich in history and tradition- it predates beer and wine.  It’s about farming, it’s about an orchard and honouring the region where it’s grown. This is my inspiration for turning what started out as a weekend hobby into what will surely become my life’s work.


I started the Sulker’s Cider journey a year ago and along the way, I got to know some incredible cider makers in Ontario like: Chris from West Avenue, Tariq at Revel, Nick at Pommies and Matt at Applewoods.  They’re forging a path for what cider can be in Ontario, and I'm excited to join this burgeoning movement. My goal is to help realize Ontario’s potential for becoming a region that’s recognized for having incredible cider. Our land makes some of the best apples in the world, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be known for making some of the most acclaimed ciders out there.

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